About Us

Enchanted Ivy is an online lifestyle women's boutique for modern young women on the go. We are Inspiring everyday women through empowerment and love for fashion.

Enchanted Ivy was established in 2019 after CEO Shailyn Gines graduated from high school. As she was looking forward to the next steps of her life, the dream of owning a boutique was always in the back of her mind, life kept getting in the way until one day she decided to go for it. Using the motivation from women around her area Shailyn created a brand and a community she calls her Ivyfam.

Hey Ivyfam I'm Shailyn owner of Enchanted Ivy, I was raised in the sunshine sate where I spent all my life surrounded by fashion. I have always been called a "go-getter" meaning I go after everything I possibly could ever want out of life and Enchanted Ivy is one of them. Creating my brand from the ground up has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. My boutique has brought me so many memorable milestones and opportunities and I wouldn't be anywhere with out you! As I am learning and growing with my business I am also pursuing a Fashion Marketing degree I hope to complete in the near future. As a young entrepreneur it is never too early or too late to chase your dreams.